Janne Halttu

LedStore.fi and ledstore.pro entrepreneur who has built 4 detached houses and renovated several properties. 20 years of construction experience has given me a lot of knowledge about structures, and electrical work for several houses. I have worked with LED lighting for over 10 years. I am an expert in Led lighting, I write articles and I am a lighting designer and light designer. I often help clients with electrical and structural issues related to lighting and house construction.
Lighting by Janne Halttu

Tunnelma CCT Led Lighting by Janne Halttu The company does about 500 lighting designs every year. Inspiration for development came during countless meetings with families while doing lighting design. Every situation is different and every room has different needs because of materials and textures. The product family was created to stop arguments about color temperature with customers and to provide high-quality (CRI98) LED lights for an affordable price range. Tunnelma CCT product family is designed to help installers and resellers to cut warehouse stock in half. It is Smart Home ready with support for Zigbee or DALI2.

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Janne Halttu
P: +3585987101

Janne Halttu is AIBA member since 2023, with 2031 AIBA rating.
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