The Cherinadded brand has expanded its artistry to jewelry & accessory design, continuing its philosophy of creating unique designs by combining rare materials.
Cherinadded’s work of art & design wants to communicate something specific but in a subtle, non-verbal manner. Based on the psychology of shapes, we use them in such a way that they support our message through design.

The brand’s story is rooted in the belief that the things around us can profoundly influence us and beauty is in the simplicity and ordinary. Cherinadded is a brand inspired by the simple beauty of circles in shape and color, representing completeness and the influences of everyday life. Cherin, a founder/ product owner/ designer, seeks to add something to people’s lives through my vision.

Cherinadded seeks to inspire and empower people through simple yet impactful design. Everyone deserves to experience the joy of “adding” something to their life, which is reflected in the brand’s name - CHERINADDED. The circles in the logo are also a nod to the shape of the letters in the brand name. The circular shapes are meant to evoke a sense of movement and dynamism, suggesting that the brand is constantly evolving and growing.
Fashion Accessory  by Cherinadded

Silk Bloom Fashion Accessory by Cherinadded Silk Blooms is a handcrafted jewelry piece that embodies the beauty of traditional design and rare elements. The brooch features hand-painted ceramics, representing the brand's commitment to creating one-of-a-kind products. The blue and golden colors complement each other, creating a cohesive and harmonious design. It can be used as an aesthetic clasp, brooch or bracelet, making it an accessory for any occasion. Silk Blooms is a celebration of traditional artistry.

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Srinagarindra road, BangMeung
P: +66 96 282 4644

Cherinadded is AIBA member since 2023, with 2047 AIBA rating.
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