Andrew Marcus

Professional UI/UX and Product designer. Several years ago I had a design studio that made mobile applications, mobile and web interfaces, corporate and promo websites. It gained popularity and reached higher places in the Top-100 best mobile developers by Rating Runeta. Now I'm working on my two startups, one of them is Talbica. It is my magnum opus, an interactive chemistry toolkit for school and university students. Talbica has won several international awards, including A' Design.
Interactive Periodic Table by Andrew Marcus

Talbica Interactive Periodic Table by Andrew Marcus Talbica is a reinvention of the Periodic table. More than 60 properties are provided for each element with rich infographics and neat typography. Users can see animated atomic models, molecular radius scheme, crystal structures and temperature ranges. Heat Maps is a tool for data visualization. Users can see distribution of properties along the table with colorful gradient maps. A hi-res photo is provided for 90 elements. Thousands of compounds are represented with 3D molecules. Talbica also features a photo-mode with beautiful space animation on background.

Contact Info

Andrew Marcus
1740 E 17th St
New York

Andrew Marcus is AIBA member since 2023, with 2026 AIBA rating.
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