Maxim Kuzin

Development and industrialization of products. Marketing and advertising.

• Industrial and transport design, mechanical engineering
• Architecture and construction
• UX design of physical objects and spaces

Fundamental technical education. Extensive practical experience as a project manager, chief engineer, chief designer, head of department for large corporations.

Focuses on socially significant projects aimed at improving the quality of life of citizens.
Able to create or lead a team.
Turbine by Maxim Kuzin

Fennec Turbine by Maxim Kuzin The Fennec is a state of the art and technology compact wind turbine with low noise, high safety and long use. The heart of the technology is a unique hyperboloidal rotor working at 60 rpm and maximum linear velocity of blades lesser than 26 km/h. It means the lowest noise, vibrations and kinetic threat and enables to use it in the city area and on the rooftops. This is a kinetic sculpture that sources energy from the environment. Sophisticated design driven by mathematical equations, data and the heritage of Vladimir Shukhov - the inventor of lightweight hyperboloid shells.

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Maxim Kuzin

Maxim Kuzin is AIBA member since 2022, with 2030 AIBA rating.
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