Albert Potgieter

My name is Albert Potgieter. I am a product and furniture designer and maker living in Rotterdam, Netherlands. I am originally from South Africa with a background in Physiotherapy, but started my own furniture art designing business in 2017 that specializes in custom handmade wooden designs.

I became a designer because of a dream, to use my business to get people off the streets or people that need a second chance, into the workshop to teach and mentor them and give them a new beginning and purpose. I want to use Art and Design to help others.
Coffee Table by Albert Potgieter

Moja Coffee Table by Albert Potgieter The creation of the Moja Coffee Table uses the technique or process of steam bending to create a bend in the wood pieces. This makes it possible for the design to get these curves that will not be possible otherwise and also gives the Moja Coffee table it's distinct look and brings a different element to the Moja range. Smaller pieces of wood were used to build up the Moja Coffee Table into a functional art piece. Using these techniques by bending every piece of wood individually, creates these natural lines and curves.

Bench by Albert Potgieter

Optique Bench by Albert Potgieter The Optique bench was designed to be a functional art piece. The focus of this design lies in its visual aspect, hence the name, Optique. Being designed in Africa, it carries some of the properties of nature and wildness. It captures the attention as it gives the impression of movement and being alive. The Optique Bench is made out of many separate pieces of solid wood which gets cut, sanded, prepared, oiled and then glued together and like a puzzle gets built up into a solid furniture piece.

Contact Info

Albert Potgieter
Koninginneweg 188
South Holland
P: +31615521909

Albert Potgieter is AIBA member since 2022, with 4055 AIBA rating.
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