Takusei Kajitani

I live in Tokyo, Japan and host a digital life furniture design studio called CONSENTABLE. I am looking forward to interacting with designers and people from all over the world in a fun and exciting way through the creative language of design.
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Born on 28 April 1966 in Kyoto City and spent childhood time in Kurashiki City of Okayama Prefecture. Studied urban design at Kyoto University ,wrote a treatise on urban image formation. Particularly influenced by "The City of the Images", Kevin A. Lynch and "Notes on the Synthesis of Form", Christopher Alexander at that time. Began working for the design consulting department of the interior construction company in TOKYO for 5 years. Changed jobs to the advertising company Hakuhodo in 1995, and worked for the spatial design department that plans, designs, and produces various corporate branding facilities. In 2007, Established the department Hakuhodo Experience Design, which specialized in "spatial experience design" and have been promoting various businesses with the theme of experience design that brings good relationships between corporates and the users. Established Consentable as private office in 2014, after which I began to work on the theme of digital life furniture.
PC Work Desk by Takusei Kajitani

Consentable WT Ao PC Work Desk by Takusei Kajitani The lifestyles have changed with various digital devises. But the designs of desks have not changed. The modern intellectuals' work desks are usually flooded with various types of wirings when they place PCs. They should need to be improved. Especially in the era when Work From Home is common, the work desks at home need to be sophisticated. Consentable WT Ao provides new work experience for PC user with hiding noisy wirings and devices into the simple form, and with the indigo dyed top plate that resemble the sea surface.

Dining Table by Takusei Kajitani

Consentable MT Dining Table by Takusei Kajitani This is the multi-purpose table with wiring functions. It has wiring grooves on all four legs and six drawers with wiring functions under the tabletop, allowing users to store OA taps in any of the drawers for beautiful wiring without cluttering the tabletop with electrical codes. The narrow gaps for wiring is provided at the front of all the drawers, allowing users to work with their PCs while connected and energized on the tabletop. This dining table is versatile for both eating and working, making it the family hangout.

Stool by Takusei Kajitani

Swing Ao Stool by Takusei Kajitani Most conventional chairs are designed based on the idea that sitting is a static state, even though the human body is designed to move. Swing Ao has a tension structure that allows the seat to move freely in conjunction with the movement of the sitter's pelvis. This promotes a feeling of floating and the movement of the pelvis, spine, and surrounding muscles, activating the body's functions just like playing on a small swing. Additionally, it can be used as a stationary stool with an 8-degree angled seat surface to maintain a healthy posture with an elongated spine.

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Takusei Kajitani
3-36-13-801 Shinden

Takusei Kajitani is AIBA member since 2022, with 6097 AIBA rating.
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