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Established in 2018, Goflex Design & Reno Sdn Bhd was built upon the aspiration for sustainability in interior design. The ID company is led by four partners – Bryan Wan, Elroy Moo, Vincent Quah and Watson Koay, each one with their own specialty in interior design works.

Providing design and build for both commercial and residential interior design works, Goflex Design & Reno offers a complete suite of services that encompasses from start to end of a project. Clients can count on the ID firm to take charge from conceptualisation to the actuality of the final product, even including some renovation works done inhouse by Goflex Design & Reno’s own personnel. There’s no recycling of ideas here as each project is treated as an entity of its own befitting of its personal concept and creativity. Hence, clients can rest assure that innovation and originality are two ethos held in high regards at Goflex Design & Reno.

For many of its residential works, Goflex Design & Reno projects its specialty in several ID styles, namely japandi, wabi-sabi, minimalist luxury, Anglo luxury, modern Italian and contemporary modernism – all of which points to its commitment for sustainability in design. Homeowners looking for a different take on interior design will find these styles refreshing to come home to as they promote an overall sense of peace and tranquillity. Meanwhile, for its commercial works involving hotels, offices and retail spaces, Goflex Design & Reno focuses on interior design to create not only value for these spaces but also as artistic works of inspiration.
Vegan Cafe by Watson Koay

V Life Vegan Cafe by Watson Koay A natural home for plant-based eaters as entering past the hand-selected European wildflowers, The cafe plunged into nature and drawn to the comfortable. Jungle vines with bright natural lights hang from the ceiling. The design creates a well-lit ambiance good for all-day dining, lounging, working, or studying. Customers are drawn to the comfortable, natural handmade furniture, and their noses guide them to fresh vegan smells.

Aesthetic Clinic by Watson Koay

DV Prestige Aesthetic Clinic by Watson Koay Natural elements such as stone, wood and marble have been chosen to elevate the organic decor and embrace an environmental approach. Not only does this benefit the mental, emotional and physical health of each visitor, but it gives rise to a mindful and more sustainable future. It is apparent that these natural and timeless materials emanate an exquisite flair and are in fact highly versatile.

Japanese Restaurant by Watson Koay

Yuimu Japanese Restaurant by Watson Koay Yuimu Japanese restaurant boasts a modern fusion Japanese concept, brought to life through its innovative woodless interior design. Uniquely, the entire restaurant has been designed and decorated without the use of wood, setting it apart from traditional Japanese restaurants. Not only is the design innovative, but it also meets international green standards through the use of environmentally friendly products and materials. The designers have carefully curated a range of materials that fuse old and new, creating a sleek and captivating atmosphere.

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Goflex Design & Reno Sdn Bhd is AIBA member since 2021, with 6092 AIBA rating.
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