Yena Choi

I am a founder of B for Brand. We have 5 Designers, but we are co-operated with about 7 individual designers.
B for Brand is launched the year of 2013.
Branding and Visual Identity by Yena Choi

Korea Sports Branding and Visual Identity by Yena Choi KSCF is a Korean sports division that gathers experts related to sports including active and former national team players, coaches, and sports team owners. The heart logo is drawn from the X-Y axis, which represents the athlete's euphoria and adrenaline, the coach's dedication and affection for their teams and the general love for sports. The heart logo consists of four puzzle pieces: ear, arrow, foot, and heart. The ear symbolizes listening, the arrow symbolizes goal and direction, the foot symbolizes ability, and the heart symbolizes passion.

Contact Info

Yena Choi
SOWOL-RO 40GIL 75, 1,2FL
P: +82 2 2038 8477
F: +82 2 2038 8478

Yena Choi is AIBA member since 2020, with 2028 AIBA rating.
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