YuJin Jung

YuJin Jung is a Visual designer with data thinking. She interested in people, data, and design. For her, Design is not just about making things look good. Instead, it is a strong tool for communication and influence. It helps to deliver high-quality products and services that lead to better user experiences and happier clients.
Infographic With Animated Gif by YuJin Jung

All In One Experience Consumption Infographic With Animated Gif by YuJin Jung The "All In One Experience Consumption" project is a Big Data Infographic showing information such as the purpose, type, and consumption of visitors to complex shopping malls. The main contents are composed of three representative Insights derived from the analysis of the Big Data, and they are arranged from top to bottom according to the order of importance. The graphics are done using isometric techniques and are grouped into using the representative color of each subject.

Visual Language by YuJin Jung

You and We Visual Language by YuJin Jung The project is that volunteers settle into daily life and hope to bring about positive social change. The visual assets are all 83 volunteer representative images and consists of 54 graphics, 15 illustrations, and 14 icons. It is designed that people can easily understand what kind of volunteer work is for each category. The graphic is based on a modular design with the theme of volunteer work and people, and Illustration shows various kinds of volunteer work that anyone can do, delivering a familiar feeling.

Contact Info

YuJin Jung
9, Dangjeongyeok-ro
P: +82 10 8757 3909

YuJin Jung is AIBA member since 2020, with 4058 AIBA rating.
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