Sontaya Pansupa

SONTAYA PANSUPA: I am Jewelry design in modern style, design Jewelry by Digital technique, Cad & Cam Technology, I like Thai and Asian art and craft include culture. I design and develop jewelry that inspiration by the Thailand motif, normally Thai art and craft is the exquisite and delicate shape and form but I design in a contemporary form with computer technique and modern production technology. I want to combine the beauty of handicraft and modern production process together, known as digital craft jewelry

Grajang LubLae Collection Jewelry by SONTAYA PANSUPA Grajang Jewelry Brand: draws inspiration from traditional Thai patterns, jewelry and lore, which are simplified, adapted and combined with contemporary trends in jewelry and modern production techniques, resulting in modern vintage designs that give a more universal appeal to the aesthetics of Thai arts and allow it to be appreciated in a novel approach. LubLae is a collection of modern vintage Thai jewelry that re-imagines the traditional Grajang tracery by giving it a modern form and stacking them into overlapping layers, creating an elaborate pattern and an illusion of depth.

Silver Jewelry by SONTAYA PANSUPA

Mai 12 Collection Silver Jewelry by SONTAYA PANSUPA This concept is inspired twelve indented corners (Mai 12: Thai word), which is the design of the Thai architectural style. The reduction of the architecture's stiffness from a square shape to complement the round stupa. In addition to reducing the square shape, these also increase the dimension of this architecture. The 12-corners indented stupa is used in the design of this collection by the deformation to create new forms and shapes including not only increasing the delicacy by twisting the shape but also creating new dimension by moving the 12-corners indented stupa pattern up and down.

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Sontaya Pansupa
119 BIS Building Room no. 2D8C ,Mahesak rd ,Suriyawong,Bangrak
P: 0897997946

Sontaya Pansupa is AIBA member since 2020, with 4073 AIBA rating.
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