For me, design is the product of reason and analysis in search of an ingenious solution. The result is form and aesthetics. To reach some conclusions I observe a lot and associate ideas. I think design is an exercise in synthesis and abstraction that tries to express the maximum while reducing it to the minimum expression. What I look for when I design is constructive logic. What I like is to simplify as much as possible and avoid the shrillness.
Olive Oil by Antonio Cuenca

Yo,verde Olive Oil by Antonio Cuenca A synthesis exercise for this design inspired by classic syrup jars. The name is the insignia of the product that justifies the green color of the oil inside. On the front, the logo is constructed from the pharmaceutical cross forming a pixelated heart. The sober and artless design that uses a message associated with health and its content.

Packaging by Antonio Cuenca

Buenandanza Packaging by Antonio Cuenca Inspiration comes from a paradigm shift in the way of living, suggesting opening to experience without any preconceived ideas. The combination of the name and the elements defines the objective of the brand. The characteristics balanced, restrained, modest and intriguing, are features that stand out in the design and how it should be perceived.

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Plaza de Andalucía, 2 - 1
P: (+34) 650744349
F: España

Antonio is AIBA member since 2020, with 4058 AIBA rating.
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