Tiago Marques

Photography is an extension of my sight, with which I collect the elements of my surroundings.
As in a treasure hunt, the goal becomes the interpretation of the message left by its writer, be it a man or the nature. My photographs are also my personal diary, whose language changes and evolves in sync with my life

I was born in 1989 in Lugano, Switzerland. I spent my childhood in Ispra, a town overlooking on Lake Maggiore, where my family had just moved for work. I graduated as a Geometra, which is an architectural degree. Successively, I have graduated with a degree in art direction and graphic design at N.A.B.A. in Milan.

My total involvement in the world of photography began during my studies at university. I had started traveling more often to Portugal because of the health of my grandfather who, in the meantime, introduced me to the world of professional photography.

In 2013, after his death, I inherited his photography studio. This difficult period of my life further stimulated me to focus on what I liked. Through the influence of my grandfather and my father, their passion stimulated me to focus on what marveled me, architectural photography. I had the opportunity to develop quickly my artistic vision. To improve my skills I also took inspiration from many great artists who excelled in the fields of landscape, documentary and architecture photography.
Photographic Series by Tiago & Tania

U15 Photographic Series by Tiago & Tania The artists' project takes advantage of the U15 building's features to create an association with natural elements present in the collective imagination. Taking advantage of the building structure and parts of it, as its colors and shapes, they try to evoke more specifics locations like the Chinese Stone Forest, the American Devil Tower, as generic natural icons like waterfalls, rivers, and rocky slopes. To grant a different interpretation in every picture, the artists explore the building through a minimalist approach, using different angles and perspectives.

Contact Info

Tiago Marques
Via Rozzolo 115
P: +393497763276
F: Italia

Tiago Marques is AIBA member since 2020, with 2035 AIBA rating.
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