Lau King

Lau King, being an attentive soul sensing the world in its own beauty, photography and visual images become the medium for her expression of the aesthetics of the world.

King has joined both online and offline art exhibitions in Hong Kong and China. Her works have been cooperated and collected by worldwide collectors, art consultancy, hotel and interior designers e.g. Visto Images, the Artling, Only Abtract, Rosewood Guangzhou , Beijing Ancient Architecture Design Institute and Beijing T.K. Chu Design.

King's talent has won her international photography prize and exposure. She recently enter the finalist ARTCLOUD China Signature Art Prize and National Geographic Hong Kong. She had also been invited and featured at Apple's social media Instagram in 2019. Her work has also been featured at Singapore Tatler magazine , various Chinese media platform and publication in US.
Fine Art Photography by Lau King

Colors and Lines Fine Art Photography by Lau King Colors & Lines is inspired by the primary colors - Red, Yellow, Blue which used to appear in painting and design. It is a collection that blur between painting and photography, transcending the ordinary between the state of dream and reality. The strong colors visual moves the vision of the world to colors, lines, contrast, geometry and abstraction, seeing the ordinary in extraordinary.

Exhibition Photography Series by Lau King

Glitters Exhibition Photography Series by Lau King In this series Glitters, Lau King aims to experiment the irreversible and fascinating nature of sequin fabric and also explore the boundary and diversity of material and texture in the perspective from macro to micro by infusing her personal emotional influence on the ordinary functional object. With the additional human influence on it, the sequin fabric itself becomes a medium for abstract painting. The series is done with an experiment approach with uncertainty factors like fabric, color, lighting and intuition which create mysterious atmosphere by glitters and sparks.

Contact Info

Lau King
Rm 608, Ko Yuet Hse, Ko Yee Est, Yau Tong
Hong Kong
P: +85298737552

Lau King is AIBA member since 2020, with 4058 AIBA rating.
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