Marin Davide

I think that product design is a form of art. I love to develop innovative, sometimes unusual industrial solutions starting from ideas that solve real world problems. I believe that a clean, fine and possibly cool design is integral part of this development. I personally take care of all the engineering, mechanical, electronic and software development.

I love to challenge myself in different fields: Impossible is simply not possible! I started exploring arts (photography, drawing, sculpture), then moved to technology and innovation keeping an artistic spirit. My brain is working at new projects, new designs and new ideas even when I sleep. Some of the projects I like involve finding new solutions for people with disabilities, improving assistance to those in need, or just make life easier to everyone.
You can find some of my creations on Lumi Industries website (additive manufacturing), Gadget Freak, Hackaday, Instructables, under my nickname: Madaeon.
Resin 3D Printer by Davide Marin

LumiBee Resin 3D Printer by Davide Marin The LumiBee is a compact 3D Printer that uses light curable liquid resin. It has been designed so that 95% of its parts can be printed with a filament based, low cost 3D Printer that you have at home. The LumiBee is also particular since it uses the light from the screen of a mobile phone, inserted inside, to transform the liquid resin into a three-dimensional object, using an Android App. Its structure is modular, where segments, each with a specific function, can be modified and customized.

Portable Resin 3d Printer by Davide Marin

New LumiFoldTB Portable Resin 3d Printer by Davide Marin The New Lumifold, is a system designed to make a 3D printer smaller than its printing volume. It takes up little space, can be carried in a suitcase and used wherever you need. This opens to new scenarios: a doctor in developing countries or emergency areas could 3D print travelling where his/her work is needed, a teacher could build a 3D file during lesson, a designer could create for and with the customer, a prototype on the spot giving live presentations. TB is a light-curing resin-based version, which uses daylight 3D resins and the screen of a simple tablet as protagonist of 3D printing.

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Marin Davide

Marin Davide is AIBA member since 2020, with 4052 AIBA rating.
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