Shiva Pouryousef Khameneh

She is an award-winning interior designer holding a Master of Science degree in interior design from Pratt Institute, ranked number one in design intelligence worldwide, and Bachelors of Art in interior architecture from Oxford Brookes School of Architecture. She is currently Creative Design Director at P-Design Studio. Her collaboration with well-known companies such as Foster and Partners in London and Ted Moudis Associates in New York enriched her skills and vision in the design field.
Portable and Adaptable Shelf by Shiva Pouryousef Khameneh

Lift Portable and Adaptable Shelf by Shiva Pouryousef Khameneh The inspiration formed by gazing and understanding of dependent products. Lift exhibits objects, books and magazines. As one united system it is easy to assemble and light to carry around. The key element of design in this project was to avoid unnecessary ornamentation and minimize the usage of materials. By reducing number of its components in design the product became environmental friendly. Taking the advantage of existing architecture ,such as walls, lead the design to achieve the goal.

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Shiva Pouryousef Khameneh
5221 Rrverside station blvd
F: United States

Shiva Pouryousef Khameneh is AIBA member since 2021, with 2028 AIBA rating.
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