Kaj Ransvi

Kaj Ransvi was born in Sweden in 1968, originating from both Sweden and Finland. For the last 20 years he has been designing unique and luxurious properties, private villas, hotels and restaurants worldwide. Ransvi is a well-known product designer, many of his designs have patents in both Europe and USA. During Ransvi's years in the design industry, he has been granted some of the most coveted design awards in the world: Red Dot Design Award 2012, German Design Award 2013, Interior Innovation Award 2013, Red Dot Design Award 2015, IDA Design Award 2019, A' Design Award 2019 nominee, A' Design Award 2020, A' Design Award 2021. MUSE Fashion Award 2021.
Foot Wear by Kaj Ransvi

The Sneaker Foot Wear by Kaj Ransvi The shoe named The Sneaker is a shoe both for the reception and the skate ramp, it is raw and elegant at the same time. The color is matte black with details in gold, including a small jewelry attached to the string. When the sole is warned out, it can be replaced so the lifetime of the shoes is almost timeless. Each shoe is individually sewn by skilled craftsmen.

Contact Info

Kaj Ransvi
Rängsandsvägen 65
P: 0722682853
F: Sverige

Kaj Ransvi is AIBA member since 2021, with 2024 AIBA rating.
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