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Positioned as one of the architecture studios in Madrid that emerged more strongly in the last decade, at OOIIO Arquitectura we are specialists in creating innovative and fresh projects, always with a very clear objective: to offer each client customized architectural solutions loaded with uniqueness and surprise.

We are specialists in building dreams. With extensive experience and multiple projects of all kinds completed successfully, our team of engineers, designers and architects in Madrid work with full dedication to make this housing that you always wanted for your family, rehabilitate that building you never thought you could have a second life, or run that space so that your business has a powerful and renewed image.

Trust us as one of the most avant-garde architecture companies in Madrid, capable of always exceeding your initial expectations, whether in a new building, rehabilitation, interior design, commercial spaces … OOIIO is specialized in surprising!
Residential House by Joaquín

Casa Velazquez Residential House by Joaquín Casa Velazquez is a house designed as a set of cubic pieces, agglomerated, embedded in each other, to host inside the life of a young family who was looking for a custom-made home on a plot of a suburban area of a town in Spain. The project plays a lot the expressiveness of materials and natural light. The appearance of the house is reminiscent of a crystallized mineral, due to the organic composition resulting from its geometric shapes. The facades and interior are cladded in different colours marble, emphasizing the stone reminiscence of the house concept. One scheme designed to surprise.

Family Housing by Joaquín

Montecarmelo Townhouses Family Housing by Joaquín If you think on all those terraced houses in Madrid, images of monotony and alignment come to mind quickly. The urban planning that governs Madrid´s neighbourhoods is a cage for creativity, a factory of the same. This is why we used for this project the design techniques of Dalí s Paranoid Critical Method: let the imagination fly to escape from restrictions. The main idea was born thinking of traditional sun protection systems, such as esparto blinds, that can be found in vernacular architecture in southern Spain, and build brick "blinds" protecting the façades.

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