Victor Nijem

Victor Nijem jewelry designer from the city of Nazareth.
I was born also in the family who work in the jewel making , sir Victor Naim nijem , has worked in the industry for more than sixty years and until now has worked at Qutuf.
And my master taught my fatherly workmanship, and I learned craftsmanship from my parents, my master, and from my childhood I enjoyed a lot of this work and learned his origins, and after my school teaching , we decided that I and my parents would open a shop and I would have completed my career and decided to go forward in the field.
After I learned the job from my parents and my master, I learned at the "shinkar" University in Tel Aviv, 3d design. I decided to take the old workmanship and I'll incorporate it with the family learners.
Then I learned inlay (setting stones).
Ring  by NIJEM Victor

Melting planet Ring by NIJEM Victor The design is an original design. The design explains a very important point that every person must take responsibility for. From the side view we can see that the earth is incomplete as an allusion. From the top view we can see that the earth is melting. As humans face the global warming , environmental challenge facing our planet .

Contact Info

Victor Nijem
salezian 35
P: +972525663705

Victor Nijem is AIBA member since 2020, with 2022 AIBA rating.
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