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VDA Group Limited (“Group”) is one of an integrated fine jewelry provider and newly established its operating in Hong Kong. We are primarily engaged in designing, out-source manufacturing and exporting fine jewelries to jewelry wholesalers and retailers in local and overseas countries. Our Group target to offer a wide range of fine jewelry products in karat gold, including rings, earrings, necklaces etc. which are positioned to target the mass to middle segment , being the lowest among three tiers of the fine jewelry market segments by retail prices. We strategically strive for maintaining our Group as one of the top fine jewelry providers through expanding market share in existing markets and reaching out into new markets. Amid broad-market headwinds, our Group is unwavering in its dedication to maintain as one of the top fine jewelry export manufacturers in Hong Kong, through exploring new markets, enhancing its sales and marketing force. While the outlook for certain markets remain cautious, our Group will stay dynamic and seize opportunities as they arise.
Promotion Materials by VDA Group Ltd.

LDG Marketing Tools Promotion Materials by VDA Group Ltd. VDA always exceeds expectations in supporting their clients. The team designed marketing and promotional materials ranging from printing materials, window display, and product display for Luci Di Gala. The team chose blue in the brand color scheme for an elegant and classy arrangement. More than 50 shades of blue and materials were explored and tested during the design process. They spent a great amount of time researching user experience, including the interaction between displays and spotlights in retail shops that allows the display effectively capture the attention of viewers and audience.

Jewellery Collection by VDA Group Ltd.

Snowflake and Venus Jewellery Collection by VDA Group Ltd. Snowflake and Venus Collection showcase the endless possibilities that come with superior stone-setting techniques and precise hand-carving skills. This design was tested more than a hundred times to reach the level of visual appeal that VDA envisioned. VDA designers created 13 different sized-diamonds, which must be precisely mounted along an intricate frame, to assemble them in a way that imitates diamonds rated at 1 carat and about yet at a significantly lower cost for the customer.

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VDA Group Ltd.
17 Kai Cheung Road
Kowloon Bay, Kowloon

VDA Group Ltd. is AIBA member since 2018, with 4054 AIBA rating.
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