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Architect and Interior Design, specialized in high end building design and prestigious interior projects.
Residential House by LiChun Chang

Urban Twilight Residential House by LiChun Chang The space is full of design richness, in term of the materials and details applied in the project. The plan of this flat is slim Z shape, which characterizes the space, but also being a challenge for making a broad and generous spatial feeling for tenants. The Designer provided no walls to cut the continuity of the open space. By this operation, interior receives the nature sunlight, which illuminates the room for making ambiance and makes space comfortable and broad. The craftsmanship also details the space with fine touches. The metal and nature materials shape the composition of design.

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Chang LiChun
11F-1,No.186, Keelung Road , Section 1st, Xinyi District , Taipei City, Taiwan
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Chang LiChun is AIBA member since 2019, with 2034 AIBA rating.
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