Surajit Majhi

Surajit is a Kolkata based creative entrepreneur. Despite having a tech background Surajit could not resist his hunger for creativity and decided to give his passion and profession the same direction. Surajit is the founder of 'Graphixstoryâ„¢ ' which is an international award-winning motion design studio from Kolkata, India. Surajit's most favorite hobby is gardening and he believes that gardening has a direct connection to leadership. He finds immense joy in creating new stuff from scratch. Apart from that Surajit has a strong affinity to learn about AR/VR, AI, Machine learning and explore our mother nature, space, and universe :). Else, he is a foodie, adaptor, and promoter of value-based lifestyle and love to explore new places and new people.
Brand Video by Surajit Majhi

Tygr Brand Video by Surajit Majhi Tygr approached Graphixstory with a requirement to craft a brand video for them and it should not be just an ex-plainer style video. The challenge was to craft this video(which must showcase all their services) with an unorthodox story-line and vibrant visuals leveraging the power of storytelling with quirky motion within one minute. The protagonist of the story is 'Mogum' who smartly uses Tygr to go to his office daily on time, to do his office works easily with Tygr's logistics app and to take her girlfriend in a romantic long drive on Tygr Limo on her birthday.

Contact Info

Surajit Majhi
West Bengal

Surajit Majhi is AIBA member since 2018, with 2021 AIBA rating.
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