Morteza Ghorbani Eftekhar

Serial Entrepreneur, StartUp mentor, Greentech Specialist

I am a highly creative and skilled entrepreneur with +20 years of experiences in product design, development, innovation and production of various types of products. My passion of creation has never had limitation to the type of the project.
Air Purification Panel by Morteza Ghorbani Eftekhar

GapS Air Purification Panel by Morteza Ghorbani Eftekhar PurCity is a Danish based company, aiming to improve the human’s life quality by purifying air & water in cities. Offering novel, patent pending & multifunctional construction panel (GapS) that smartly designed to absorb large amount of pollutants e.g. nox, sox, voc, pm, bacterias... GapS will be installed on the buildings as an exterior facade & naturally vacuum the pollution & purify it while adding extra thermal and acoustic insulation on the building and harvests rain water. Currently, PurCity & a Chinese partner are building an industrial park in Shanghai to purify a large amount of air.

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Morteza Ghorbani Eftekhar

Morteza Ghorbani Eftekhar is AIBA member since 2018, with 2033 AIBA rating.
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