Sunghee Lee

I majored in visual brand design at Hansung University in Seoul, Korea
I major in editing design and visual design.
And I believe that design is the language of unspoken. Dream of a role as a language that connects the receiver and the sender.
I really like the arrangement of Typography, which is highly complete.
Mobile Application by SUNGHEE LEE

Seoulist Mobile Application by SUNGHEE LEE The Seoulist is a touring app service for foreign tourists visiting Seoul. The Seoulist is structured so that it can communicate continuously throughout the trip. The three-steps Seoulist is divided into curation/guide/log stages. This configuration naturally allows users to interact with this service throughout the journey. In terms of design aspects, the layout is arranged so that it is easy to use with one hand, reflecting the characteristics of tourists who use lots of luggage and use public transportation. It makes it easy to classify the information through clear components.

Contact Info

Sunghee Lee
Byeollae 5-ro
P: 821063520704

Sunghee Lee is AIBA member since 2020, with 2023 AIBA rating.
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