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ALPN Ltd – architectural company on the international level, which direction of activity covers all major areas of construction and design: urban planning, architecture, design, engineering, project support & author's supervision. Polina Nozdracheva is CEO of ALPN Ltd. ALPN based in Moscow, Russia. Creating of different scale and level objects is realizing in accordance with effective regulations and quality standards. A lot of ALPN's projects taking part in large-scale exhibitions and competitions, awarded prizes and diplomas. High professionalism, international level and obligation of respecting precious client`s resources characterize the company methods most closely. ALPN works with knowledgeable clients.
Equestrian sport center by Polina Nozdracheva

Equitorus Equestrian sport center by Polina Nozdracheva Equitorus is required to meet all stringent sanitary & technological requirements for maintenance, training & prepation of horses competing at highest level. Complex has contain entire infrastructure necessary for living & recreation needs of horse owners during their spare time. Most remarkable element of complex is its large indoor arena made of glued wooden structures & featuring an L-shaped gallery with spectator seats & cafe. Object is perceived as a contrast in relation on natural environment. It seems as if someone had spread a colourful homespun mat on ground.

Equestrian Pavilion by Polina Nozdracheva

Oat Wreath Equestrian Pavilion by Polina Nozdracheva Equestrian pavilion is a part of the newly creating equestrian center. Object is located on the cultural heritage and protected by cultural area of the historical ensemble of the exhibition. Main architectural concept is the exclusion of massive capital walls in favor of transparent wooden lace elements. The main motive of the facade ornament is a stylized rhythmic pattern in the form of wheat ears or oat. Thin metal columns almost imperceptibly support the light rays of the glued wooden roof, which lifted up, with the completion in the form of a stylized silhouette of the horse's head.

Equestrian Complex by Polina Nozdracheva

Emerald Equestrian Complex by Polina Nozdracheva Holistic architectural & spatial projects image unites all six equestrian buildings reveals functional identity of each. Extended facades of arenas & stables directed to administrative composite core. Six-sided building as crystal grid rests in wooden frame as in necklace. Wall triangles decorated with scattering of glass as emerald details. Curved white construction highlights main entrance. Facades grid also is part of inner space, where environment perceived through transparent web. Interiors continue theme of wooden structures, using scale of elements to more proportionate human scale.

Equestrian Arena by Polina Nozdracheva

Equi Temple Equestrian Arena by Polina Nozdracheva Goal is creation expressive architectural and spatial image, operating of technologically limited. Use of rhythm, drawing of details, silhouette of massive wooden structures creates building volume. Arena in equestrian complex combines sports and technology, recreation and representative functions. Rectangular parallelepiped resembles the ancient monument. Arc-shaped lines of constructional elements from glued wood define basic rhythmic space concept. Glazed facades perimeter integrate interior with exterior and pitched roof with far-projecting eaves hovers above field on mighty wooden frame.

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Polina Nozdracheva (ALPN Ltd) is AIBA member since 2017, with 8139 AIBA rating.
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