Hermann Kamte

Hermann Kamte is a Young Cameroonian Architect passionate about culture and self-taught. He was born in Yaounde in 1992 and in 2011,he traveled to Lome (Togo) to start learning Architecture.

With a great passion for architecture, Hermann constantly feels uninspired if he is only restricted to architecture. Hernann consider architecture as well as philosophy and all other sciences. He strongly believes that a good designer has to be multi-disciplinary, capable of exploring design fundamentals and apply these ideas into his works.

Through a series of award projects, Hermann Kamte always focus to develop sustainable design by integrating local materials and other skills with contemporary aesthetics and modern process. As well as possible, the target is always to create coherent works, through a multi-disciplinary approach; in the field of Architecture, Urbanism, Design, Landscape, Education and Research.
Residential Building by Hermann Kamte

Lagos's Wooden Tower Residential Building by Hermann Kamte Lagos is the most populate city in Africa and represents a big deal for architects. City consists of 16 million inhabitants. Situated in the heart of Ikory, the most popular residential site of Nigeria, Lagos’s tower is the unique wooden structure which is designed to be a smart and sustainable building. ​Lagos’s tower rises above the town and follow the sky and search to cross the limit of wooden construction. The new landmark is composed of mixed residential type used.

Contact Info

Hermann Kamte
Emana, Dallas
6900 Yaounde
P: +237680632755

Hermann Kamte is AIBA member since 2017, with 2025 AIBA rating.
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