Vasily Tarasenko

Vasily Tarasenko is a fan of extraordinary lighting projects. He is creator, lighting technician, have a 10-year experience of setting light installations. Co-authors of a broad range of architectural lighting projects in Russia and CIS. Finalist of different international professional competitions such as A`Design Award - Italy /Darcawards- UK London / Gran-Prix, Hermitage in the New Light by Philips – Russia.
Art object  by Natalya Koptseva

Light cube Art object by Natalya Koptseva Light cube project is a installation which is unique for Russia. It is a quintessential dynamic light sculpture not only luminant but able to change light forms as the result of using both static and dynamic themes to create three-dimension images. The installation shows three-dimension facility of individually controlled led modules. The idea of objet d`art location is engaging, making it possible to exhibit art works effectively, thus, contributing into sightseeing attractions of Moscow and creating a new show place. It also responds to the company`s image, it`s goodwill.

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Vasily Tarasenko
P: +73432530022
F: +73432530023

Vasily Tarasenko is AIBA member since 2017, with 2052 AIBA rating.
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