Ho Kuan Teck

Ho Kuan Teck is the founder of Myurâ, the brand was founded in Singapore, 2014. It's focus in creating high quality handmade leather goods and bespoke leather products.
Handbag by Ho Kuan Teck

Lemniscate Handbag by Ho Kuan Teck Small sized handbags are versatile for day and night use. With the“infinity” symbol design handle, there are no fanciful accessories to a handbag. The main material is leather which is an indicator of elegance and harmony. the design seeks to reflect one’s modern and luxurious lifestyle in a simple and direct manner of "balance". Thereby, this bag is epitomizes the minimalist fashion.

Tote Bag by Ho Kuan Teck

Totepographic Tote Bag by Ho Kuan Teck Topographic inspired design tote bag, to serve as an easy carryall, especially during those busy days spent shopping or running errands. The Tote bag capacity is like a mountain and can hold or carry many things. The oracle bone is form the overall structure of the bag, the topographic map form to be surface material just like a mountain uneven surface.

Contact Info

Ho Kuan Teck
Blk 289A Punggol Place #14-887
P: +6591878320
F: Singapore

Ho Kuan Teck is AIBA member since 2019, with 4057 AIBA rating.
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