Kashkovskaya Oksana

I have been working in design for about four years, I’m really in love this area, I have always been interested in design. I am a very creative person and began working as a professional photographer. Once I didn’t completed my explore only in the photos art and began attending various training courses including graphic programs, 3D programs ,motion design.

My current active research areas include computer graphic,3D modeling,3D visualization, animation(all areas),visual effects, video, audio, composing, photography, post-production, television art, graphic design, contemporary art,interior design, history of architecture.

My Awards and achievements:
2016 Student Award by YCN for animation project for MSC,UK London
2017 Professional Award by A'Design Award at movie and animation category
3D animation by Oksana Kashkovskaya

Museum of Time 3D animation by Oksana Kashkovskaya The general accent of this movie is the butterfly that is a real character of picture by Pieter Withoos Sheet of Studies with Five Butterflies,a Wasp, and Two Flies (1680 - 1692).The use real photos of the museum's interior is an important aspect of the movie.Liquids of different colors transmit interesting visual effects.The contrast between white and black colors emotes a more deep and magical effect on the perception of the movie, indicating one general detail, reminiscent of a butterfly.

Packaging by Oksana Kashkovskaya

Black Milk Packaging by Oksana Kashkovskaya The packaging design has the two common but at the same time separately design sides.This is depends on what to choose the side that such color will be visible,if look at the black package side can see the white tint of the bottle, if choose the white face of package the black part of the flagon will be the general undertone.The graphic shapes of packaging has the reflections of the bottle design forms.The main graphic element is the cow spots.They are also exist on the package and continue on the glass space.

Limited Edition by Oksana Kashkovskaya

Wine Africa Limited Edition by Oksana Kashkovskaya The packaging design provides for four types of wine as red, blue, orange and yellow. The boxes has double count from both sides due to this possible to see bright colour of wine. The all bottles have own covered pattern as lines and spots on the surface depending on the animals that were used for each design. The eight imagery of various animals were used as illustratoons on the boxes. Thus, associations of the landscapes and fauna of Africa arise.

Limited Edition by Oksana Kashkovskaya

Wine Black Pyramid Limited Edition by Oksana Kashkovskaya Wine Black Pyramid features a four wine bottle premium package greatly inspired in the ancient Egyptian culture with silhouettes resembling the figures of kings at the metal armor in the packaging resembling an pyramid. Each bottle type symbolizes one of the fourth primary elements: fire, earth, water and air. They are represented with luminescent symbols that shine in the darkness.

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Kashkovskaya Oksana
prospekt Veteranov, 105 apartment 220

Kashkovskaya Oksana is AIBA member since 2017, with 8104 AIBA rating.
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