Jung Hee Kim

JungHee Kim is jewelry designer, graduated from Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea in Metal Craft, holds a Master’s Degree in Metal Craft from Kookmin University. She completed Culture and Arts Program for CEO from Korea National University of Arts. She worked for Gemopia and Jewelry Park, top ranking Korean jewelry companies, as a head of design department. She founded her own brand, PhoeBe, in 2001, PhoeBe is an independent and creative Jewelry brand. PhoeBe jewelry is unique and formatively aesthetic in its nature inspired design and dual-functional. In addition, PhoeBe creates polished jewelry so that anyone can wear it according to TPO (Time, Place and Occasion). most of all she prides herself on her ability to listen, understand our clients and find out what’s unique about them, so that she can design that’s client's story. She was awarded 2006-International jewelry design Award bronze prize, 2007-Korea Good Design Award by KIDP.
Her jewelry has been exhibited in Korea, U.S.A, Japan, China, Greece .
Ring by JungHee Kim

Tree of Life Ring by JungHee Kim A sacred symbol of vitality, 'Tree of Life' inspired this design. The long-cherished desire for immortality is instilled in this piece. Three branches strech out from this ring band towad the sky. One branch has a gem to show the infinitely ‘regenerated vitality,’ the other branch has a pearl to symbolize a ‘fruit of wisdom’ and the third branch reify an ‘eye of wisdom’ through which people perceive the world. Gems different in shape and color were set at the tip of each branch and the combination of different gems represents the complexity and diversity of life.

Ring, Brooch & Pendant by JungHee Kim

Bridge of Love Ring, Brooch & Pendant by JungHee Kim The Milky Way, a pale strip of light consisting of many stars, stretches across the sky at night like a river. The profile view of this celestial river looks flat like a flying disk. ‘Bridge of Love’ shows both visual representation of the Milky Way and link between two lovers. Bead-set of diamonds on the round-shaped frame symbolize a bridge of magpies and crows, pearls represent wandering planets in the Galaxy and prong-set of blue and white diamonds signify the Milky Way.

Ring by JungHee Kim

Tree of life II Ring by JungHee Kim The spiritually inspired jewelry collection, “Tree of Life II,” is the master work followed by 2016 A’ Design Award winner. The masterpieces conceptualized such values as vitality, the circle of life, and enlightenment from the eyes of wisdom. This crowning piece of Tree of Life II is about finding a heightened state of peace and an understanding. The ring band is open to stretch toward the sky, connoting the vigorous movements of life. The brilliant amethysts and pearls symbolize a state of enlightened rest after finally attaining the ultimate knowledge of life through seeking wisdom.

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Jung Hee Kim
#1509,Artnouveau city,701-1,Yearksam-dong, Gangnam-Gu, SEOUL Korea
P: +82-10-8857-5049
F: 82-2-566-1638

Jung Hee Kim is AIBA member since 2016, with 6082 AIBA rating.
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