Sayoko Shibuya

Born in Nagoya, Japan.
Sayoko was educated in Architecture, Interior and furniture design both in England and Japan.
It was during her undergraduate studies in London, Sayoko broadened her design spectrum to incorporate furniture design whilst also developing spatial practice. At Master’s level (at Goldsmiths, University of London), she deepened her understanding of theory behind the designs. Experienced two cultural experiences; Japanese and British, it brought understanding of differences and the similarities in her everyday life. This cultural background has even more broadened her imagination for design, which based in simplicity and minimal. She also experiments with material its natural ability or explore their potential possibility.
lamp by Sayoko Shibuya

blue lamp by Sayoko Shibuya Air is a substance, which only becomes visible to the human eye underwater. Exploring the concepts of ‘air’ and ‘water’ inspired the use of acrylic for lighting designs. This series of lights shows bubbles throughout the lower surface structure to channel a soothing and calm subaquatic effect. Acrylic is a flexible medium, allowing for further exploration and variation within this theme, which focuses on two of the four elements: air and water.

teapot by Sayoko Shibuya

teapotmug teapot by Sayoko Shibuya Inspired from the tea-loving commonality between Japanese and British cultures, this multi-purpose ‘mug teapot’ uses ceramic’s natural property of insulation and extends its capabilities with the design addition of the tea-light module: Using a traditional kitchenware material with a modern twist. Having no handle the teapot reduces its use of space in the cupboard as well as it enhances its simple and minimal look. Using a wool cover protects hands from the heat and gives the teapot mug an original yet educated look going a step further than the usual teapots.

Contact Info

Sayoko Shibuya
33 Codrington Hill
SE23 1LR
P: +44 (0)7738272308

Sayoko Shibuya is AIBA member since 2016, with 4050 AIBA rating.
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