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Professional Design, Development, Consulting & solution architecture of Web, Mobile & cloud applications
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Good App Studio Inc Website by Keyvan Kasaei GoodAppStudio is a group of talented designers, software developers, marketing professionals and project managers who help start-ups & businesses build their platforms, apps, and technologies behind the scene. Having successful projects in it's portfolio, This is the redesign of the company's on-line presence.

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UltraInvoice Landing Page by Keyvan Kasaei Year Book: UltraInvoice is a simple yet powerful cloud based financial product which is focused on user experience, automations, 3rd party integrations and analytics. It supports major payment gateways like PayPal, stripe as well as bitcoin for invoicing. having a Marketplace for Invoice templates and 3rd parties, you can easily enhance your branding and also integrate your invoices with Slack, Jira, Github, Bitbucket, Google Apps, Asana, Salesforce, BaseCamp, Zapier & … . The Platform allows Invoicing, Time tracking, Automated reminders & Notifications to take the hassle away from Invoicing.

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UReferred Software as a Service by Keyvan Kasaei UReferred, is a Software as a Service, referral hiring platform designed for companies to hire more effectively through trusted networks like internal teams and 1st degree connections. It achieves this goal by utilising a campaign management feature which allow you to send your message to your network and receive feedbacks and potentially introduction to new talent by them via reports and activities tracking.

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MojoMentors Online Marketplace by Keyvan Kasaei Affordable on-demand startup mentors marketplace. MojoMentors give you access to thousands of verified and qualified mentors worldwide to help you build your venture, through a simple, affordable, on-demand payment method. Simply find the right person and book a time with the mentor and pay online or define a project and let the platform introduce mentors to you.

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Padiso Marketing Website by Keyvan Kasaei Padiso is a Venture Lab incubating innovative products and launching successful businesses globally. Formed by Creative minds, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Engineers and Business developers, The company has developed an internal innovation process of discovery, analysis, development and business building required to launch products. With the goal to have an impactful effect, Padiso is obsessed with finding the answer.

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Afluencers Marketing Landing page by Keyvan Kasaei AFluencers enables brands to connect to influencers, It's been proven that social selling in growing specially among the younger generations. With the rise of the social media, online shopping is growing and this project help brands to communicate with customers through the voice of influencers. Advanced reporting, flexible budgeting, team access management and ai assisted suggestions are part of the offering.

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Mr Keyvan Kasaei is AIBA member since 2016, with 12170 AIBA rating.
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