Nupur Magdum

” Sernya Spaces” ,Architecture and Interior design studio by Ar. Nupur Magdum in 2007, at kolhapur,Maharashtra,India, . The firm's name is derived from an auspicious Buddhist Symbol “ SERNYA “, which signifies resurrection of eternal life & rebirth.Our firm's ethos is linked to all of the above traits.We aim to create spaces that stimulate all the senses , are eclectic and aspire for a certain earthiness and connect with all that’s natural.The ethos underlying the designs is an unabashed Indian identity,co-existing with international design and luxury standards .Our signature space speaks of our Indian sensibilities ,our roots and craft and rich tradition , our diversity and identity, still being contemporary and chic. We aim to explore and push the envelope further with every project and opportunity. Our design reflex is peculiar to each project and its inherent constraints and trying to turn them around to characterize our design.
penthouse by Nupur Magdum

Eclectic Indian penthouse by Nupur Magdum The aim was a home that was a warm & lived-in, not contrived or artificial . A residence, luxurious not flashy or ostentatious.It’s roots very Indian,but still chic. A juxtaposition of heirlooms, artifacts and furniture, collected over time. The use of wood and rustic finishes, flooring, minimal use of glass and no steel , enhanced the effect .The Sun,the Wind, the Trees , are one with the indoors ,maximizing the elements and views . also illustrated by way of a 35 ft. high painting by hand on the staircase wall , the concept of which is derived from the "Tree of Life".

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Nupur Magdum
2nd floor..millennia building., tarabai park.near vrishali hotel.
P: +919823366334

Nupur Magdum is AIBA member since 2019, with 2018 AIBA rating.
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