Himika Lakhanpuria

After doing my schooling from Army Public School, Janglote I joined architecture at SMVDU Katra Jammu & Kashmir also called heaven on earth.
With the scenic beauty and the beautiful landscape surrounding our college, I always dreamt of built forms that will merge in this beautiful surroundings.
During my college I participated in various on the spot competitions & Was a part of the winning team for the dress designing and fashion show competition . I helped in organising various events in the University and was an active member and participant in all major technical fest, cultural and social activities conducted in our university.
It all began in the college during my architecture studies, I found myself making models of furniture. During my holidays in the hostel I used to make different usable furniture pieces out of cardboard boxes
I did my thesis in sustainable architecture wherein I designed an office building following the principles of Green Building & Energy Conservation..
This year after I graduated in architecture I have moved into more commercial town of Mumbai & joined a design firm called NU.DE practicing architecture.
But I wish to pursue my passion of furniture design & want to create a range of furniture that becomes one with the surrounding.
Chair Seating by Himika Lakhanpuria

Hedge Chair Chair Seating by Himika Lakhanpuria A seating element made in glass for transparency, with hedge growing underneath makes it a part of the outdoor surrounding. The idea was born when a beautiful lawn was blocked with a furniture opaque and concrete, spoiling the beautiful surrounding of the lawn and the hedges. Hence this idea of a transparent seating with bushes growing underneath so as to give the user a thrilling experience of Sitting on the Hedge.

Contact Info

Himika Lakhanpuria
c/o Babita Chib 407 Kartak Road, Irani Chawl Room No.2 Wadala West

Himika Lakhanpuria is AIBA member since 2015, with 2018 AIBA rating.
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