Renato Pongrac

Renato Pongrac is a designer and innovator. Through his work connects socially responsible design and the environment. With this approach, the design follows the social and environmental criteria and is oriented toward solving social and environmental issues. He is the founder of the brand Ekoteka by which develops innovative approach to the creation of new products by using and combining of waste textiles, paper and organic materials.
Eco notebook by Renato Pongrac

Ekoteka Eco notebook by Renato Pongrac Ekoteka is made entirely from recycled materials which makes it 100% environmentally friendly. Every part of Ekoteka is fully utilized and in the production is used as many discarded and old material. Textile on the cover was obtained from discarded and too-small shirts and dresses. The paper used for making Ekoteka is recycled. It is also designed completely degradable label from which can grow a spruce tree. Packaging is usable as a stand for a favorite photo. The main goal is to provide and encourage social and sustainable development.

Contact Info

Renato Pongrac
Dr. Ivana Novaka 38
P: 00385981816259

Renato Pongrac is AIBA member since 2015, with 2023 AIBA rating.
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