Albertina Oliveira - Arquitetura, Lda

Albertina Oliveira - Arquitetura Lda mainly works in architectural design, interior design and furniture design. The company is runing by Albertina Oliveira, and have several realized projects in architecture.
Table, chair, luminaire. by Albertina Oliveira

Ayers Table, chair, luminaire. by Albertina Oliveira The shape and the unity of the object, combined with the innovative use of materials in the production as cork and "corkbalt" are unique factors that distinguish this piece from the others. Each chair is sculpted on a high technology CNC machine from a single block of cork. The same method is applied to the base of the table. The tabletop and the campanula of the luminaire are made of "corkbalt" (an innovative material that combines the basalt fiber with cork) which gives a lightness to the pieces. The lamp uses LED technology in its lighting system.

Children's clothes Store by Albertina Oliveira

PomPom Children's clothes Store by Albertina Oliveira The perception of the parts and the whole contribute to a geometry, easily identifiable giving emphasis to the products to sell. The difficulties were boosted in the creative act by a large beam that fractured the space, already with small dimensions. The option to incline the ceiling, having the reference measures of the shop window, the beam and the back of the store, was the beginning of the draw to the rest of the program; circulation, exhibition, service counter, dresser and storage. Neutral color dominates the space, punctuated by strong colors that mark and organize the space.

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Albertina Oliveira - Arquitetura, Lda
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Albertina Oliveira - Arquitetura, Lda is AIBA member since 2015, with 4063 AIBA rating.
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