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Founded in 2004, RevoZport is a company specialized in design and manufacturing of composite products for bespoke automotive and lifestyle products. Helmed by a designer with Architecture background and being also a manufacturer gives the company high flexibility in small to large volume production. Recent Architecture projects include the “Parkview Green Fangcaodi in Beijing”, “Eterniti Motors London”. The company's automotive stream of business has consistently made headlines to many Medias by its performance aero package for many exotics cars (e.g Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari F12, Mercedes AMG and BMW M cars). The latest creation for its Lifestyle product is this unique product dubbed "La Maison Noire" a pet house made in carbon fiber composite material, produced with prepreg carbon fibre material in a matrix system and cured at 120 degrees Celsius over a period of 8 hours for best strength performance. The LED lights are IP68 waterproofed and can withstand the most dreadful rainfall. During the ordering process, the main housing color are custom painted to any color the customer wishes, and to add the bespoke touch, you can even choose to add a custom silk screen printed name on the product. Carbon Fiber is no stranger to car lovers and anyone who loves carbon fiber will take its breath away. For the ladies and from a practical point of view, carbon does naturally take away odors, lighter to carry and dissipate heat much faster than any other material. At the size of 92 x 77 cm, this pet house only weighs approximately 5 kg, thanks to the use of carbon fiber composite materials. The LED lights when lite at night certainly make a landmark and an art piece of its own.
Carbon Pet House by Charles W Wan

La Maison Noire Carbon Pet House by Charles W Wan La Maison Noire, a kennel made in black carbon, a material that resist heat, absorb odor and stiffness without compromising weight. It is designed for medium to small size pet living indoor or outdoor purpose. The open latch allow natural lighting and fresh air circulation into the living area giving your pet the ultimate climate condition. The production of La Maison Noire is made by carbon fibre and is cured in an autoclave at over 120 degrees over a period of 8 hours. The result is a lightweight structure that is stronger and lighter than steel, prevailing any kind of weather conditions

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Charles Wan is AIBA member since 2014, with 2017 AIBA rating.
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