Lisse Van Cauwenberge

Lisse. What you see is what you get.
A young and driven Belgian designer who is 21 years old and lives in Ghent.
She graduated as an interior designer, afterwards she specialized in furniture design. Lisse's way of thinking is problem solving and targeted. This results in concepts that are straightforward, fresh and functional.
In 2012 Lisse entered an bookshelf challenge and won the public price as well as the jury price. With her cradle / rocking chairs Dimdim, she won the silver A' design award in the category Baby, Kids' and Children's Products Design.
Cradle, rocking chairs by Lisse Van Cauwenberge

Dimdim Cradle, rocking chairs by Lisse Van Cauwenberge Lisse Van Cauwenberge created this one of a kind multi-functional solution that serves as a rocking chair and also as cradle when two Dimdim chairs are joined together. Each of the rocking chair is made up of wood with steel supports and finished in a walnut veneer. Two chairs can be mounted to each other with the help two hidden clamps below the seat to form a baby cradle.

Contact Info

Lisse Van Cauwenberge
Gaversesteenweg 403
P: 0032477 17 19 12

Lisse Van Cauwenberge is AIBA member since 2014, with 2029 AIBA rating.
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