Alan Saga

I'm young designer specialized in discursive design, which aims to create a collection of functional and creative products with a cultural expression where you can enjoy a background story. The most important skills are the conceptualization of new products, sculptor of shapes and 3D modeling. Winner: award of the best industrial design in 2013, from Architectural Digest Mexico.
Knife holder by Alan Saga

Only Right Here Knife holder by Alan Saga Since the twelfth century the first bullfights were documented as an act or public spectacle. Today consciousness awakening of people is a symptom of an overall global assessment, being partakers of the divine nature, we are a whole. "Only Right Here" symbolizes a new era, where there will be an extinction of aggressive activities, being embodied in what once was a cultural feast, and the great evolutionary step on a humanistic level.

Contact Info

Alan Saga
Juarez 207 norte
Nuevo León
P: 5218183093286
F: México

Alan Saga is AIBA member since 2014, with 2049 AIBA rating.
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