Marie Laurent

Marie Laurent Architecture is an architectural practice based in Dubai and Sharjah emirates. It was founded by Marie Laurent, also director of Project A .
an architectural consultancy office based in Dubai.
Marie Laurent has realized several projects in the United Arabic Emirates. It evolves within the dynamic environment of the Emirates and their will to develop extraordinary architectural concepts.
Architecture should be sure.
Marie Laurent Architecture functions under the strict rules of environmental awareness, quality and clarity.
Architecture should be beautiful, should be sure, should be simple and should be safe. Fashion is irrelevant, the search of talent and functionality is adamant.
Our portfolio includes the three main sectors of residential, commercial and administrative projects.
residential penthouse by Marie Laurent

Penthouse 59 residential penthouse by Marie Laurent Marie Laurent Architecture design approach for this project was to focus on the open space and enhance the natural light with maximum volumes. This 7500 ft2 penthouse has an 270 degree views on the desert, sea, and marina. Marie Laurent, the designer, brought the outside inside with a maximum exposure of the views though perspectives in every areas of the penthouse. Marie Laurent attentions to details completed this minimalist concept. Marie Laurent consolidated her design guidelines and statement, where Architecture should be beautiful, should be simple and should be sure.

Pet house by Marie Laurent

Pet Project Pet house by Marie Laurent Design is all about details and and the house pets are often left aside. I decided to create a shelter for the dogs and cats of the house with the same guide lines of designing a new residence. Minimalist, contemporary, straight lines and apparent structures. A very easy circulation system with a large main entrance and open views on all side to enjoy the view of the house from the house. The pet project can be personalised with different modules available for different sizes and roof colours for individuality. Their favourite cushion can be placed inside and give your pet the perfect space.

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Marie Laurent
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Marie Laurent is AIBA member since 2014, with 4052 AIBA rating.
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