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Magma graphics is a place where the ideas are never in solid shape, they are in constant transformation and you can never guess what will be the final result.
Chair by Vasil Velchev

Desire Chair by Vasil Velchev Desire is a chair which have the purpose to increase your passion and lust with its smooth shape and soft color. It is not for people looking for relax, its a chair for naughty people searching for pleasure for all senses. The original idea was inspired by the shape of a tear, but during the modeling it was distorted in order to receive this gentle and graceful figure, to provoke a feeling of wanting to be touched, to be used, to be your possession.

Close-coupled WC by Vasil Velchev

Versus Close-coupled WC by Vasil Velchev Our life is a never ending searching of pleasure and comfort. Everyone of us is trying to find the best balance between functionality and design and if we want the product to be economical that makes it even more difficult. With my close-coupled wc i was trying to find exactly this balance. It combines new approaches and technologies of increasing efficiency, saving water and materials and at the same time all this good stuff are hidden below a bold, monolith and extravagant design.

Building by Vasil Velchev

Quantum Building by Vasil Velchev Quantum is a building designed to host the forefront in Product Design as well as all important and iconic works created over the years. Simply its a Museum and Exhibition Center. The style is probably Organic-Eclectic, shape can be geometrically described as a combination of overlapping spheres, displaced relatively one to another, forming two asymmetrical corpora with different internal areas and balconies. The connection between them is accomplished by 5 corridors in the form of mini-deformed protuberances.

Armchair  by Vasil Velchev

Ego Armchair by Vasil Velchev Ego is an armchair designed to offer an opportunity to change its appearance whenever and whatever you like. If you are bored of the color scheme you don't need to buy another furniture, you just need to rearrange the position of the elements in the way you like and you will have a brand new look. Sometimes an unpredictable development or change of circumstances could happen, changing mood, unexpected guest, even the weather could affect your perspective. You can now express you attitude by giving the interior new look. Simply slide the soft elements to receive a new pattern.

Magical bench by Vasil Velchev

Fairy Tail Magical bench by Vasil Velchev If you want to escape the tension of the busy world and distract yourself from the daily grind, a magical bench will carry you to the World of fairy tales. Inspired by an imaginary world, this bench could be your bridge to a place where you can be child again, no matter how old you are. Colorful and bright with unusual shape, it can transform the urban environment into a beautiful aerial lullaby. It will makes you feel like flying on an unicorn among the fluffy clouds, walking on the rainbow, catching a falling star. Make a wish and let it take you to the World of fairy tales.

Armchair by Vasil Velchev

Galaktika Armchair by Vasil Velchev Galaktika is an armchair designed especially for airport VIP lounges or public spaces where people need to spend more time and their staying have to be comfortable. This armchair has double function. It can be used either for sitting or resting. Depending on your needs you can choose one of the two position. The upper bar is rotatable and can be used to attach electronic devices.

Chair by Vasil Velchev

Chic Chair by Vasil Velchev This chair is meant to be the most fetching part of the interior, the focus of attention. And it's really have the characteristics to do that. Taking a quick glimpse it leaves an impression of a sculpture, a piece of art, like enlivened 3D painting of Wassily Kandinsky. And imagine that you can have it in your room like a piece of the environment. Far from the norms how a typical chair should look like it has a very specific and recognizable shape. The most unique feature of this chair is its unusual design. It represents geometric abstraction where art is in favor of the functionality.

Stool by Vasil Velchev

Karamba Stool by Vasil Velchev Inspired by a pirate movie this stool looks like captain's treasure chest, where he can successfully hide his loot from the crew, disguised like a piece of furniture. Besides the drawer there are 2 hidden compartments to keep your treasures. Wooden body, ship ropes make the appearance more realistic, like an actual piece of captain's cabin. In a modern interior design this could be a really good accent in the room.

Single Street Bench by Vasil Velchev

Lumino Single Street Bench by Vasil Velchev This bench is made of one monolith twisted pipe There are three types of materials depending on the environment: solid-surface stone-like material, acrylic shiny plastic, semi-transparent acrylic material. The third one allows the bench to look solid at daylight and be transparent at night when the internal illumination starts to glow. For this version of the bench there is a solar panel mounted on the top of it so it can have independent power source. The simple shape and smooth design can ensure the weather resistant, anti-vandal and easy to clean. A city sculpture that can be also useful.

Bluetooth Speaker by Vasil Velchev

Dominote Bluetooth Speaker by Vasil Velchev Dominote is 3-directional, bi-color Bluetooth speaker. The top control panel is inspired by the shape of a domino or a dice. Five dots are now useful buttons. The side panels of the speaker are influenced by a retro TV design. The name refers to the word "Dominate" but it's actually a combination between "Domino", because of the shape of the top panel, and "Note" for its audio function. The carcass is made of plastic with reinforced rubber edges.

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