Julia Subbotina

Hi, I am Julia Subbotina. I am an architect ana a designer.
I won in a two nomination:
1. My multifunction wardrobe “Shanghai" gave Golden A' Design Award for Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Category
2. My design bathroom "Passion" A' Design Award for Interior Space and Exhibition Design Category.
Multifunction wardrobe  by Julia Subbotina

Shanghai Multifunction wardrobe by Julia Subbotina “Shanghai” multifunctional wardrobe. Frontage pattern and laconic form act as a “decorative wall”, and this makes it possible to perceive the wardrobe as a decorative component. “All inclusive” system:includes storage places of different volume; built-in bedside tables being a part of frontage of the wardrobe opened and closed by one frontage push; 2 built-in night lamps hidden under the outstanding volume on the both sides of the bed.The main part of the cupboard is made of tiny wooden shaped piece. It consists of 1500 pieces of kempas and 4500 pieces of bleached oak.

Bathroom by Julia Subbotina

Passion Bathroom by Julia Subbotina This bathing room embodies the Yang and the Yin, the black and the white, passion and peace. Natural marble gives this room an original and unique feel. And as we are always looking for a natural feel, I have decided to use organic materials, which create a truly peaceful atmosphere. The ceiling is like the final touch that brings an inside harmony to this room. Multitude of mirrors makes it look more spacey. Switches, sockets and accessories were all selected to fit the brushed chrome color scheme. Brushed chrome looks classy against black tile, and matches the interior.

Contact Info

Julia Subbotina
Astradamsky proezd, 3
P: 89163741713

Julia Subbotina is AIBA member since 2013, with 4053 AIBA rating.
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