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I deeply believe in social and environamental responsibility we hold as designers. Being aware of that I have devoted my carreer and life to designing for a better, research informed methodology and approach in order to make a difference.
Multi-function modular furniture by Helen Brasinika

Bojo Multi-function modular furniture by Helen Brasinika 120x120 cm plywood boards locked in place using CNC cut special slots. They can provide within seconds different compositions, suitable for home office or depending on board quantity large scale compositions for a contemporary professional office interior. Using special aluminium accessories the same boards can compose coffee tables, bookcases etc and can be continuously transformed depending on mood, needs, space. After disassembling they can be packed for easy storage and transportation. CNC technology, anodized aluminium, pressed sustainably produced formicas are a plus

S-clutch Street Bench by Helen Brasinika

S-Clutch S-clutch Street Bench by Helen Brasinika S-clutch bench derives its name from clutch bags, as it draws its inspiration of a stylish icon, and its important contribution to accessorizing and style. S-comes from Shelter, Stray, Street, Sunshine and Space.It is a bench that aspires to add to urban scapes a more colorful and human accent, taking into account the core values of harmonious symbiosis and existence. While it uses a whimsical color found in a child's room, it promotes a playful approach to city life which literally has to be taken seriously.

Office Small Scale  by Helen Brasinika

Conceptual Minimalism Office Small Scale by Helen Brasinika The interior design is striped to an aesthetic, yet not functional minimalism. The open plan space is emphasized by clean lines, big glazed openings that allow plenty of natural daylight in, enabling line and plane to become the basic structural and aesthetic elements. The lack of right angles determined the need to adopt a more dynamic view of the space, while the choice of a light color palette combined with material and textural variety allows for space and function unity. Unfinished concrete finishes elevate to the walls to add a contrast between white-soft and rough-grey.

Creative remodelling by Helen Brasinika

Redefinition Creative remodelling by Helen Brasinika The project brief was to keep the mountain context, without emitting rustic remembrances of prevailing mountain residential typologies. It involved a major renovation of a typical mountain house. Everything would be made on site, using as basic materials metal, pine wood and mineral aggregates, human labour and expertise. The main idea behind that was to let the objects acquire use and sentimental value after the owners would find them useful and familiar, as well as to design with the transformative power of materials in mind.

Dining Table by Helen Brasinika

Chromosome X Dining Table by Helen Brasinika A Dining Table designed to provide seating for eight people, who interact in arrow arrangement. The top is an abstract X, made of two different pieces accentuated by a deep line, while the same abstract X is reflected on the floor with the base structure. The white structure is made of three different pieces for easy assembling and transportation. Moreover, the contrast of teak veneer of the top and white for the base was selected to lighten the lower part giving more emphasis on the irregularly shaped top, thus providing a hint for different interaction of the users.

Corporate Design by Helen Brasinika

Vivifying Minimalism Corporate Design by Helen Brasinika The deliverable was to create a contemporary space that customizes therapies based on advanced technology while offering classic spa treatments. The resulting proposal was to create a dynamic space that emits the austerity of scientific labs while adding familiar connotations of warm classic interiors. The inspiration for ground lobby came from zen philosophy and the dyadic nature of cosmos. White lavaplaster hinting clinical white and scientific reason, chocolate brown from classic palette hinting tasteful connotations of human desires.

Corporate interior branding by Helen Brasinika

Wellness and DaySPA Corporate interior branding by Helen Brasinika A Day spa facility that is designed to stimulate the customer upon arrival, assisting an immediate transcendence from a daily urban routine to a space of spiritual and physical uplifting. The branding concept applies to the parametric volume of ceiling and walls, which like natural cave openings allows natural daylight to flood the office and accounting areas behind them. The two reception modules are gilded in copper leafs resembling two faceted semiprecious stones. The design approach is a metaphor of inner beauty that needs refinement to be revealed.

Neoclassic residence reused  by Helen Brasinika

Neoclassic Wellness Neoclassic residence reused by Helen Brasinika A neoclassic residence remodeled to accommodate wellness and spa. Taking into account the elaborate plaster decorations, antique oak wood flooring and natural daylight, the design proposal was to introduce materials that draw the distinctive line between old and new. The application of lavaplaster on floors and walls, laminated formicas, glass and quartz mosaics dominate the interior while the color palette redefines the classic identity.Warm earthy tones add the patina of antiquity, while the power of black in metallic features add a dynamic element in the emitted romanticism of neoclassism.

Plastic Surgury Clinic by Helen Brasinika

Voronoi Plastic Surgury Clinic by Helen Brasinika The challenge was to create a strong clinical identity without following the typical elements of clinical and lab. The color and material schemes come as vital to showcasing the dynamic aspect of the whole concept. Black and its dynamic nature were added to the dominant clinical white and surgery blue lighting. Sleek and glossy, interact with matte and rough finishes, while the reflections of linear lighting multiplies the poly lines of the layout on horizontal and vertical axis. Glossy, reflection, leather and mineral powders define the new clinical environment through emergent technologies.

Urban Lounge by Helen Brasinika

Petalis Integris Urban Lounge by Helen Brasinika Petalis Integris is an urban lounge inspired by flower petals and manufactured with concrete. The design aspires to take advantage of the structural and tensile specifications of concrete. A lounge that urges the users to interact in a more intimate style, promoting more communicative urban typologies. Emergent technologies in design and production enable its free flowing form manufacturing, while colored concrete gives an interesting range of color options that can enrich the urban environment.

Urban bench by Helen Brasinika

Word of Mouth Urban bench by Helen Brasinika Word of mouth is an urban bench that aims at the creative adaptation of urban landscapes to powerful educational and communication tools. Eye and mouth and their allegorical and literary connotations inform the shape of this design as well as its transformation to an urban library that uses braille imposed dots to promote an equal, educational and aesthetic urban typology. Reinforced concrete in colorful options, as well as Algorithmic design and Robotics technology enable the realization of Word of Mouth and its contribution to thematic colored libraries.

Curated Exhibition Installation by Helen Brasinika

Home Suite Home Curated Exhibition Installation by Helen Brasinika Home Suite Home is a complete suite occupying 32 sq meters, designed as a curated installation during 100% Hotel Show 2015. The design concept emphasizing the importance of branded environments, employed tools of design, research, technology and branding in order to create an experiential impact on the visitor, stimulating six different senses. The mirrored capsized module for the bedroom hinting context, the different layout, the modular structure and the custom made materials and textures attempted to emit luxury within an industrial loft environment, while accentuating the impact of design.

Boutique Apartments Hotel by Helen Brasinika

Harbor Project Boutique Apartments Hotel by Helen Brasinika Situated in Piraeus Port the Harbor Project is a boutique property, introducing a new concept in short stay lodging, comprising 5 apartment suites of average size 32 square meters. It is the application of Ship building Theory to boutique Lodging. Taking into account location, the context of harbor and ship building related to the port provided the inspiration framework for the design concept. The compartmentalized nature of a hull, the traffic patterns as well as the specially designed openings are applied to the OSB built-in structure dominating the floorplan, as well as the spatial identity

Cafe Bar Delicatessen by Helen Brasinika

Rook Cafe Bar Delicatessen by Helen Brasinika The word Rook means tower and it was chosen metaphorically to hint a strategy game on an entertainment chessboard. The design concept based on the contrasting nature of White and Black, created an interplay between old and new allowing various metaphors to enable this link between past and present. While taking into account the building history and location, elements of adaptive reuse were employed accentuated by materials and patterns in order to emit the element of time from a minimalist perspective.

Day Spa Facility  by Helen Brasinika

Downtown CitySpa Day Spa Facility by Helen Brasinika A contemporary day spa activity playing conceptually with location over ancient ruins, the dyadic nature of old and new, roots as indication of interconnection and the concept of gold as indication of luxury.The design concept refers to an urban spa environment that offers spiritual and physical stimuli to city dwellers or travelers that choose to stay in the proximity. It is located in a modernist building completely adapted to its new use.

Square Design Urban Planning by Helen Brasinika

Winter Palace Square Square Design Urban Planning by Helen Brasinika It is a preliminary design concept for Winter Palace Square in Saint Petersburg. Taking into account the historical background of the city and the location of the square, the proposal refers to an interactive educational and information platform that promotes engagement of the visitors and locals with the historical background of the urban fabric. City as info and city as human brain is an interactive approach parallel to human anatomy that brings technological advancements forward as a means of implementing a highly interactive and educational platform.

Corporate Headquarters by Helen Brasinika

Xplainland Corporate Headquarters by Helen Brasinika A digital marketing brand that operates in 100 countries globally provided the brief in order to transform an existing 500 sqm shell into a hub that would empower creativity, efficiency, while at the same time reflect the corporate culture on all aspects of spatial organisation. The proposed design solution had to be innovative, thought provoking, challenging and playful. The design outcome following a research informed decision methodology and office design trends aimed at open spaces to allow the teams to interact within creative stimuli, whimsical colors and textural variety.

Urban Recreation Mall by Helen Brasinika

AgoraFloreasca Urban Recreation Mall by Helen Brasinika The project refers to the interior, landscape and lighting design of the communal areas of a new destination and leisure service small scale mall. The deliverable was to create by spatial design a laid back atmosphere, right in the heart of Bucharest. A welcoming, upper scale and experiential gathering point, so that it could become a community based destination and experience provider. The proposal focused on Research Informed Design, Future Cities design methodology and Storm water Management Practices with a view to establishing a sustainable urban place to be embraced by all.

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